Here at WDE we strive to live a low impact life.  We are keen to share our philosophy by encouraging people to reconnect with nature, by exploring the wonderful wildlife we have on the reserve and by giving something back to nature, even if it's as simple as putting up a bird box or planting a tree. It's also really important that we as a society find ways to lower our environmental impact, one of the simplest and most effective ways people can do this is by reducing the amount of animal products that they consume.


In light of this we are now running two holidays packages that can be added onto your standard holiday. Both are suitable for families.

join us for: nature walks, 

bat detecting, 

pond dipping, 

bird box making and plant your own dedicated "family tree"

You'll receive: a vegan hamper full of food with a combined retail price of £20, it includes vegan: slicing sausage, soft cheese, ice-cream, soya milk and more. 

cheap and easy vegan recipes are also provided.      

If you would like to add the packages onto your booked holiday, directly contact us when booking.