Eco Holidays

Chemical Free

No weedkiller, pesticide or artificial fertilisers are used on our land. We only use eco cleaning products and absolutely no bleach. We also provide guests with eco-friendly shampoo and soap. This way we maintain the cleanliness of the local ecosystem, creating a healthy environment for wildlife and children to enjoy. We are on a private water supply and our water is free from fluoride or chlorine. The tap water is safe and refreshing to drink. 

Low Environmental impacts

Where possible the majority of our firewood is harvested from young trees which will grow back from the base and then be harvested again (short coppice rotation which has many benefits for woodland flowers).  We leave ample dead wood which is great for insects. We also burn non-native conifers, harvested from a site that is being restored to a native woodland. 


We only use post domestic recycled paper products, so all our loo roll and kitchen paper is eco friendly.  We compost all our food waste. We have also built several compost toilets and encourage guests to use them.  Compost toilets reduce pollution and water usage.


To encourage people to use public transport we are willing to collect holiday makers from Llandeilo and transport them back at the end of their visit.

Nature Reserve

The land is free of domestic animals and pets to allow wild animals some space. This also means there is no sheep poop, cow poop, horse poop or dog poop to put kids off playing in the wilderness. Occasional poop from wildlife is interesting to find because it tells us what wild animals have been on the land. 


We supply visitors with wind up torches rather than using outdoor solar lights as we live in an area of exceptional dark skies. By keeping light pollution to a minimum, nocturnal animals’ nighttime activities are not disturbed. Besides, the stars are amazing! We also have a telescope and Cliff is willing to show you the moon and planets if the weather and heavenly bodies permit.