Our Story

We have worked really hard since we moved here and changed a very run down farm into the Peaceful and beautiful reserve you see today.


We intend to continue to make it a beautiful and productive place good for the planet and good for people.


Our mission Statement is to;


To preserve our environment.

Promote local eco holidays .

Grow as much of our own food as we can.

Give space to wild animals.

Give space to children and adults.

Encourage low impact fun.

Help families digitally detox.

Provide fun learning experiences.

Be friendly and compassionate.

Provide opportunities to volunteers.

Have space to run retreats.

Have fun ourselves.

Promote healthy environmentally friendly diets.

Promote permaculture and organic gardening.

Make enough money to pay mortgage.



A few years ago Cliff and I turned 50, we had raised our four kids, we'd paid off our mortgage, and we'd adopted our autistic foster son. We'd spent 20 years living in our home, and finally it was finished. 


That was when we found Pistyllgwyn! Only 6 miles from our previous home and hidden away down a long track. It is as several of our guests have said, "Another world". So we put our old house on the market, wrote a business plan and gambled on living another life in "Another World!"


We wanted to create a place that was good for nature and people. Somewhere that people could come and stay to have fun and be inspired.  A couple of big kids ourselves, mine and Cliff's specialist skill is knowing how to have fun!


We have been joined in our endeavour by our youngest son Max and his partner Maggie they have both done work entertaining children and they are full of beans! They are also extremely enthusiastic about conservation.  Maggie has a degree in ecology and she helps us choose the best ways to manage the reserve.  This can involve things like, making elaborate and very muddy toad abodes.  


The final member of our team is Connor, severely autistic and non verbal. He continually lives in the "Now". He is our Guru.  


Together and with great enthusiasm we invite you to let your Wild Dragon out to play in our beautiful "Other World".